AGE: 21
21-year-old model, Savannah Falkner, aka Savannah Chaun Ave is using her beauty and creativity to push the exotic visuals from her literal dreams to produce the astounding reality of her everyday life. In this Soaring Profile Interview, the Detroit-based Model/Creator talks about how her dreams has inspired all of your her photoshoots,  what she does to get out of a creative rut, and shoutouts Model Sabrina Ismail aka @_Yahhabibti as one of her favorite Michigan Models.
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What inspired you to get into modeling?


Honestly I did, I know that sounds really conceited but my entire life I've just had these dreams of myself looking a certain ways, experiencing certain feelings, and it's really just my dreams that's pushed every single photo shoot I've ever done. My dreams are so prominent and real to the point I have to get them out. It's kinda weird, but I actually don't really like modeling that much because it's hard to work with the camera. However, the pleasure of getting those visuals out of my head is what's really amazing and I also don't have money to pay for model so I just do it myself.

What would you consider your style?


I will say like a girl next, you know like Drew Berrymore type of feel. I have a lot of different sides to me though. You can kind of see it on my Instagram because one day I'm like this exotic vixen girl , then the next day I'm sweet and down to earth, some days I'm goofy and other days I'm just a regular girl .


What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Right now my proudest achievements are the fact that I have been getting all of my ideas out. That was my biggest set back, just not putting myself out there. My time management has gotten a lot better too. My achievements are very personal more than material stuff. I've been doing really well with keeping up with my goals. For instance last month I had a goal to save at least $200, to get at least three shoots done, and to get car insurance.. you know stuff like that. I knocked literally everything off my list.

I'm just like I'm definitely a real adult now..


What are some things you do outside of this whole Creative Direction process?

That's really hard to say because I try to make that my main life focus. But I guess I can say outside

of doing photo shoots and creative direction I'm low-key into music

and I'm also a film geek, I can watch movies all day.


What's one of your favorite movies?

My favorite movie is called Big Fish, no one ever knows what it is or what it's about but it's an amazing movie, it's taught me so much in my life.


Where are some things you've sacrificed to become the person you are today?

My radical posting, or irrational posting I should say. Sometimes I would get in my feelings and I'd post certain things but now I learned to kind of like simmer down. Another thing I would say that I had to sacrifice is learning the art of letting people go.


What do you do to get out of a creative rut?

I focus on loving myself mainly. A lot of times when I think of an idea too much it becomes hard for new ideas to come in because I'm too focused on those specific details. So sometimes I have to step back and just focus on how I'm feeling. There's been times I would literally go to a certain party because I know I'm going to get a certain vibe and then I might just go and do things that I know will inspire me. After doing that I start to feel better and then everything comes back to me..

What does success mean to you?


Balance. Just balance overall between your responsibilities, your relationships, your family, and also with yourself that is what I feel is success.


Are there any models or creative directors that have inspired you?

Yes as far as creative directors no not really but models yes definitely. Detroit/Lansing model I would say Yahhabibti/Sabrin. I've recognized the things that she does in her photo shoots and she's literally amazing and not in the city I would have to say Rico Nasty, she really does something for me.


What's the most enjoyable part about all of this?

The most enjoyable part for me is editing the pictures. Once you get all the other stuff done then you can just sit back, relax, and edit the pictures. It's so fun to see your work come to life.

What does an average day look like for you?

If I work I'm just going to work all day I might go out at night but most likely I would just work that whole day. But then on my days off it'll definitely start off with coffee, yoga, and used to be a blunt but I stop smoking. It's definitely just me centering myself because I wake up with a lot of anxiety so I just have to center myself first, then I might clean up. After that it's just moves, moves, moves, and trying to make something happen. 


What was the last book that you read?

It's called the Divine Feminine Energy


If your house was on fire and you can only grab one thing what would it be?

It's between my cat and my laptop. I would be able to still access everything and get stuff done with my laptop and then as far as my cat goes my cat is my real companion. When I get upset she will lay right next to me, I love her so much. I don't know what I'd do without her.

When was the last time you cried?

2 days ago.. I cry a lot but it's really just growing pains honestly. But sometimes you just have to get it out of you.. It's more of a cleansing thing.. 


What traits are you most proud of?

There's a couple I would say my but my humanity and growth, I understand life is bigger than me.

I try my hardest to always create a good experience for those around me even if I'm going through something myself.


What's your advice to the younger generation of creators?

Just do it, that is it. As cliche as it sounds but literally just doing whatever you love. Connecting with people, learning yourself and your craft , and getting where you want to be is the best thing. You cannot hold yourself back.. You just have go for it and keep going!