Getting to know COAST WILDE is a lot like going to space for a few hours and then coming back home to your regular boring life. Everything about him screams intriguing, charming, and just dope af. In this Soaring Profile Interview, the Detroit-based Model talks about how it can be challenging to be a model as a black man, where his creativity stems from, and how his ideal day would start off with him waking up to Pharrell Williams being at his door....










There are different styles of modeling. What would you say is your style?


Streetwear. I like fashion shit but until I’m not broke, I don’t know how high fashion I can go exactly.  

But I don't like real typical stuff, I mess with a streetwear aesthetic but at a higher level. Like I wanna have Chanel sneakers and some distressed black jeans, a big ass oversized shirt and a chain.

Like that's just swag.


Was it hard to get accustomed to being on the runway?


Honestly, it was pretty easy. I've been in front of people a lot because we perform a lot and I was in a fraternity and we step in front of people and shit and that's way more nerve-wracking, especially as a male model there's not that much to your walk compared to women, I feel like the learning curve for them is way bigger women can just flex on the runway and as a dude its like your pretty standard, the fit might be crazy but your walks like regular.


What would you say success means to you?


Success means being able to wake up and do what I want to do and it also provides for my needs.

A lot of people can provide for themselves but they have to do something that they really don't like.


What are some sacrifices you had to make becoming a model?


Besides my time, I wouldn’t say I had to sacrifice anything bad but I had to get used to being told no for a lot of things. I wasn’t set up to make it as a model. I’m 5’8, so saying my body proportions to a modeling scout they’d laugh, like stupid ass nigga go home. I never thought I was particularly good looking or anything so what would make you think modeling would be something for me to pursue? But I had to change how I thought about myself and what I thought I was capable of but I think those were good sacrifices for sure.


Do you think it’s hard to be a model as a black man?


Kinda. Black people have a lot of hypermasculinity to them especially if you're from the hood.  Deadass, if I go and pass a bus stop, dudes will ask me like, “yo, what's up with that one earring in your right ear man?” Like I only wanted one, my guy! I had them both pierced and took one out because it looks cooler this way to me.  People come at you crazy about stuff. A lot of times when you try to express something creatively outside of the normal boundaries people are used to they start coming at you sideways and that's like peer pressure because you know others are gonna look at you a certain way, like you not gone let me be successful in this just because you don't understand it, that's weird and that's something that perpetuates through our community.




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What got you into modeling?


Originally, I guess I was trying to push music and we just started taking pictures. A couple of my friends was like, “Yo, you wanna take some pictures, I just got a camera,” and I’m like alright let's do it. They took some and it got some positive attention but I didn't really think anything would come of it but then it did.


What are some things you do outside of modeling?


I make music too. I still do a little of photography but I don’t as much because you can’t really be on both sides of the camera. As much as I would like to be it's not going to happen I gotta focus on one or the other so I just do modeling. I customize a lot of my clothes. Anything you see me wearing in a shoot that bleached or distressed, I usually did it. Also, find us on Spotify and Apple Music, FnF Vol. 1.

Are there any models that have influenced you?


Ugly Worldwide for sure. She’s so damn cool.  I know I'm going to fan but I went to high school with her for a minute so I wanna tell everybody about her, that's how cool she is.  


What do you think makes a good model?


I feel like for everybody it's different. Some people’s clothes just fall on them and their body is gracing this t-shirt and for some, it's the other way around. Some people it’s their dynamic, just the energy you bring to something. You have to be willing to do things that haven't been done as well. You gotta trendset and some are only good at following what they've been given.


Can you give me an inspiring original quote or one that you live by?


All a star does is burn. This means that everything around us can only be here with the sun.  But the sun has no regard for no life or anything else. It just burns. All this is happening because it serves its purpose that it has to itself.  I feel like that's something that I have to do sometimes. As much as I would want help everybody else or make everything pop, if I just do what I think I should, everything else will unravel and fall into place. My purpose is to live for myself and leave whatever mark I want to leave, as much as I can until I’m gone. And also enrich the lives of others through my presence and impact everything positively.


What traits are you most proud of?


I’m sensitive as hell, but I feel like that’s ok because a lot of people hardened themselves all the time and people are afraid to be human. Nobody wants to feel anything or go through stuff and being sensitive to it all makes you feel it and go through it, and you live through it and it grows you as a person. Also, being resilient as fuck. I’ve lived through a lot of shit. So to still be here, and be able to start doing something I really mess with and pursue a passion, is really fulfilling.


What is some advice you would give to the younger generation of creatives?


Don’t be afraid to do it. Even you are, there’s nothing wrong with that but don’t let fear stop you from pursuing it. You can be afraid of everything your whole life but as long as try and do it you'll understand that a lot of your fears are irrational.


Where do you think your creativity stems from?


There’s a lot going on in the world, so I sometimes go inside myself to get away from it all so maybe loneliness? To a certain extent, not in a bad way because I honestly love being alone.  My own space, sign me the f up. It comes from my experiences too, because my life is wild as hell sometimes. I have a lot of stories that happen so I feel like that might stifle some of it as well..

What would consider your ideal day?


I wanna wake up, Pharrell is gonna be at my door and say, “We’re doing a new Adidas Tracksuit Collab designed by me and Tyler the Creator, and it’s going to be the best Adidas tracksuit ever.” And I get to model for it that day and I meet Slick Woods and she has a backwood. There, The Weeknd shows up heartbroken, devastated, and he makes a song on the spot and it’s the saddest song about some girl you wanna hate now and I’m here for it. And all my homies show up, cause the beginning is for myself, but Bloc Boy is there, Tay-K is free, Drake said he was coming but he doesn’t, and everyone sits in on me signing a distribution deal for my album. Or I could wake up and my whole family is taken care of and Diddy just pours everyone a Ciroc shot, that would be cool too. Actually, forget all that other stuff, ima do something selfless, if I can wake up and everyone stops using plastic, I’m cool. Let’s do that because there’s a garbage island in the ocean and that’s trash.




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